ChB – Dispute and reconciliation management

Dispute and reconciliation management system

ChB is the dispute and reconciliation management system designed to integrate all required elements for dispute resolution processing into a single application interface providing framework to process all your work in a fast, simple and efficient way:

  • One-click action – chargeback system collects and fills all required data using information stored in a chargeback system or by retrieving required information from the back-office system. Manual data entry is significantly reduced and in most cases the user is only required to confirm specific action.
  • Historical information – chargeback system tracks all transactions, actions, documentation and other specific information connected to each disputed case and presents this information to chargeback users for easy access.
  • Time limits tracking and alerting – chargeback system tracks all user taken actions and alerts them of time limits related to dispute resolution processing as mandated by card brands rules.
  • Word template processor integration – chargeback system can create electronic documents according to user-defined templates. This can range from official exhibit documents to any kind of correspondence with merchants or cardholders.
  • Internal document management system – chargeback system can store any form of an electronic document within the case, thus making it available to anybody that is working on the case at any moment. Central document repository allows you to create a paperless operating environment, allows easier effort coordination even with operators sitting on different sites.
  • Features beyond dispute resolution – chargeback system can be used much wider than its primary function suggests. It is a useful tool in creating manual presentments, fee collections, reversals, and other payment corrections, it can also process reject messages, thus becoming natural extension of electronic processing interfaces in the existing back-office environment.
  • One interface fits all – chargeback system provides a single application interface for all major card brands, proprietary card schemes as well as internal disputes. It saves your time and effort in operational training and allows users to quickly adapt to processing differences between brands.

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