zCMS – Card management system

Complete back-office card payment processing solution

zCMS is a fully capable card management system intended to provide a complete back-office card payment processing solution. It consists of the following elements: Common elements, Issuing functionalities, Acquirer functionalities, Booking interface, and Reporting. Each of these elements have different set of useful features.

zCMS elements:

  1. Common elements
    • Transaction loading;
    • Journaling;
    • Access rights management;
    • Data encryption;
  2. Issuing functionalities
    • Product management (credit, debit, charge, revolving, and prepaid);
    • Card application processing;
    • Card member management;
    • End-of-cycle processing;
    • Reminders (due dates, late payments, fees, and interest rates);
    • Payments (matching the payments from different channels with customers or invoices);
    • Fees (applications, membership, renewals and reissues);
    • Statements.
  3. Acquirer functionalities
    • Merchant contract administration (corporate and merchant data, category codes, payment accounts, payment terms, fees and commissions, interest rates, limits, etc.);
    • Interfacing with authorization and other systems;
    • Preparing and updating terminal/merchant data;
    • Exchange rates;
    • Manual transaction entry;
    • Loading payment corrections from dispute management process;
    • Authorization matching;
    • Risk processing (risk matching for individual payments, automatic and manual resolving, and acquirer risk monitoring);
    • Negative card list processing;
    • Payment processing (creating of merchant invoices and statements, fees and commission calculation with fixed and/or proportional rates and progressive tiers, processing of payment corrections, and refund processing).
  4. Booking interface
    • Creating payment orders for merchants;
    • Creating payment orders for corrections;
    • Creating payment orders for refunds.
  5. Reporting
    • Transaction level reporting;
    • Statistical reports per terminal and/or merchant (volume, detailed reports, fees and commissions);
    • Statistical reports per card number;
    • Invoice and statement reports per merchant;
    • Custom reports.

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