One POS/multi-acquiring

Effective One-POS solutions

Changes in the markets with ever-increasing competitive levels, cost reduction requirements, cross border operations are creating the need for the effective One-POS solutions, where single POS is installed on the merchant premises that can process all transactions in order to support merchant’s business. The advantages of the One POS solution are:

  • Simplify ECR connectivity by eliminating multiple POS devices on the merchant outlet;
  • Connect merchant with different acquirers and franchise partners;
  • Direct connectivity with issuers to reduce fees and support installment transactions;
  • Add-on value services that can be provided through the POS terminal.

PowerZaC system combines several key features in the One-POS implementations:

  • POS terminal driving;
  • Implementation of the business rules/restrictions and routing logic;
  • Protocol conversion with the capability to connect to acquirer through host-to-host connections as well as emulating acquirers POS network;
  • Provide add-on value services; DCC, electronic good sales, and electronic slip archiving;
  • Perform settlement with each institution;
  • Provides merchant reporting.

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